In honour of the extraordinary scholastic achievements of the Hakka people, the fifth Toronto Hakka Conference scheduled for July 1-3, 2016, establishes a Hakka Education Trust which initially will award scholarships to youth starting studies in a college or university. The winners will be invited to the next quadrennial conference as guests of honour, and asked to mentor the next batch of scholarship winners.

Donors of scholarships can be individuals, families, associations or corporations. They can assign a name to the scholarship(s).

A candidate must have at least two unrelated nominees who are paid-up members for at least one complete year in a Hakka or Hakka-related or partner association which is a sponsor of the fifth Toronto Hakka Conference.

Selection will be made by a team of three judges appointed by the community co-chair of the Conference. The team members will select a chair, and will manage the process including the drafting, circulation and return of the application forms. The names and other identifiers will be stripped from the received application forms before judging.

Criteria for selection will be (1) scholastic achievement, (2) participation in or awareness of community affairs, (3) creative and leadership skills. The scoring system will be developed by the selection committee.

A scholarship will be worth $1,500 or more (to be determined) as a onetime award to each winner. A set of books (Chinese classics) will also be awarded to each winner.

A tax-deductible receipt will be issued for donations of $100 or more, with cheques payable to our partner organization — the Multicultural History Society of Ontario.

The scholarship award to youth complements the Hakka Achievement Award made to adults since the second Conference in 2004.

The Hakka community is called to back up scholarship winners during their college or university career, and to walk with them into their future.
Scholarship Application