CCAYD at the Hakka Conference
I recently attended the Hakka Conference and couldn’t help but notice the younger generation of the CCA represented there. Jasmine and Alexandra Lyn along with their cousin Rebeca from Lisbon, Portugal were in attendance for all three days of the Conference held July 1-3, 2016 at York University. They are the grandchildren of Junor Chin and the late Doris Chin (which makes them the third generation involved in the CCA). They came on their own with a willingness to learn, participate and help wherever there was a need. They were the only youth group (CCAYD) represented there and the few times I visited the table there were quite a few people inquiring about the CCA’s Youth Divisionfor their children. They had a form ready for you to fill out with your contact details and were greatly organized.
“Kudos to them all”!       Rose Chen