Presenting videos and other materials from the 2016 Toronto Hakka Conference

Restoring and archiving a ruined Chinese cemetery, with Robert Hew

A study of multiple voices in the TV show “Fresh Off The Boat”, with Eleanor Ty

Hong Rengnan – Taiping precursor of Sun Yast Sen, with Prof. Richard Bohr


Taiping Rebellion & Europe’s Peasant War, with Dr Samuel Lowe


Mixed race: The changing identity of Asians,
with Prof Carl E.James, Danielle Kwan-Lafond (Chair), and Jephina Barkie


Chinaman Creek



Hakka Genealogy Museum and Shanghang Hakka Assoc., with Prof. Ruifeng Liang


Making Lei Cha or Hakka travel food, with Teng Teng Kleiner


From Hakka to Humanity


Toronto Hakka Conference 2012 – Essential Genealogy Session


“What Does Hakka-Studies have to teach the world?” by Daniel Martinez HoSang, Yale University
New York City Hakka Conference 2018

Good morning. It’s a great pleasure to be with you this morning. When I told my father Dennis, (who is in the audience today), the title of my talk –“What Does Hakka-Studies have to teach the world?” he said to me simply, that’s a “damn good question.” “I sometimes wonder,” he said in his understated by earnest way, “what the hell we’re doing all this for?”

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